Cala Pi Homes

Das Objekt liegt in Cala Pi, zwischen den Stränden Arenal und Es Trenc, ca. 25 min vom Flughafen und 30 min von Palma entfernt. Es handelt sich um moderne und zeitgemässe Doppelhäuser mit Meerblick. Jede DHH verfügt über einen eigenen Pool und Sonnendachterrasse. Das Ferienhaus hat ca. 120 qm Wohnfläche verteilt auf zwei Ebenen, ein Schlafzimmer mit altersgerechten Räumlichkeiten sowie zwei Schlafzimmer im Obergeschoss mit zwei Terrassen und jeweils einem Bad en Suite.

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Did you know that Mallorca is currently booming? There are exactly 5 reasons why you are investing in this dream island. Generate returns that you can only dream of in Germany. As an expert in the financing and tax optimization of foreign real estate, I specialize in providing high and excellent return opportunities on this website. In this webinar, I will show you how simple tips you can make by investing in the Balearics alone – and thus increasing your profit – permanently and steadily.

Sea view as far as the eye can see

Mallorca Real Estate as a financial investment – insider tips on the taxation and financing of a holiday property and what fatal errors you should absolutely avoid.

Welcome to – the blog of Foreign real estate as a financial investment. Thank you for visiting our site. Since 2001 we are your competent expert for the purchase of real estate on the holiday island. We, these are my employees and I. I would like to tell you about the real estate in the Mediterranean. Of course, the most important thing you can take advantage of is the factthat you will find everything you need from the local real estate market , current offers , real estate financing and taxes on properties in Spain  and life on Mallorca .

Your domicile in paradise. Which cases lurk at purchase, finance and taxes.

Become a mall insider in seven days and learn how to manage your property in the 17th century without stress. Register now and sign up for free to become our indispensable guide for anyone who wants to buy a property in Spain.


Real estate purchase and real estate financing in the most mediterranean part of Germany. has been providing independent advice on tax and finances on Germany’s southernmost island since 2001. If you want to buy a holiday property, you will find independent advice. Did you know that Germany is the only country in Germany? Read here in my blog all you need to know about tax and finance, so you can get more return on your investment.

Christoph Albeck, Managing Director of Finanzkontor. Real estate purchase abroad.

Christoph Albeck, Managing Director, Finanzkontor. Professional for new construction and banking real estate abroad and purchase your real estate purchase on the dream island.

Real Estate Financing in the South – we advise you about your optimal mortgage financing in Spain. is your gateway to finance and tax optimization of your Mediterranean holiday home. Avoid expensive mistakes and protect yourself. Take advantage of our German consulting. Since 2001 we are your specialist for mortgage loans in Spain. We are your finca in the Mediterranean, be it finca, luxury villa in the first line of the sea or an apartment at the golf course! Both the purchase as well as refinancing, refinancing, conversion etc. Transfers can also be financed under family members and resolutions of company structures. Benefit from personal advice and fast service. Real estate financing in Spain can be so simple and efficient – with the right partners at your side.

Real estate purchase in the South.

Everything you need to know. Optimize your taxes. Watch my video or sign up here!

Sign up for free now. Your home on the sunny Iceland – what mistakes you shoulderstand avoid When buying a holiday home: in this free online course I have put together interesting topics from the fields of foreign real estate , real estate financing and taxes on Spain real estate as well as on The holiday  island.

Real estate purchase in the South – which mistakes you should definitely avoid. If you are in the Balearic Islands, you need the information you need to live in southern Europe. The paradise in the Mediterranean – what mistakes you should definitely avoid – is our claim to answer all your questions competently.

Benefit from my more than 20 years of experience here on Malle and   Insider Report . I and my team have handled well over a thousand real estate purchases for Germans abroad. Inform yourself before you buy a finca. Sign up for free and without obligation.

What is the best way to get the best?

A serious purchase advice is related to your object. This is the same as the question in the cadastral register and property register. Upon request, buyers receive English translations of all documents and English-language support at the Notartermin. If you would like to finance your holiday, you will be able to find the best deals in the area.

And even after the property purchase the service does not end. controls the correct registration of the new owner in the land register, help in the completion of various formalities and in the selection of good craftsmen for possible renovations. Last but not least, the property still needs comprehensive protection against all types of dangers. advises the customers on all questions regarding the necessary insurance. Read what our customers say about us:

Our offer to you is: in contrast to the classic suppliers, you save money with us, especially money, time and nerves.

We just have to deal with you. But we also do not have the right to do so. After all, Finanzkontor is your expert for all aspects of real estate purchase and cooperates to your advantage with both Spanish notaries, land registry offices as well as banks and mortgages in Germany. This is how you gainreceivability: Finanzkontor has focused on real estate financing for non-residents. We are your lawyer of your economic interests.

Real estate financing of holiday homes. Security is trump

Consider: The difference between a good and an excellent interest rate can cost you several thousand euros in real estate financing. Especially if it is not your first residence, the banks get the interest rate. Do not pay too much. Without risk. Make your request for real estate financing a holiday domicile.

Sign up to our blog. You get direct access to the real estate. Access is free at any time.

Real estate purchase in paradise – what mistakes you should avoid. Finanzkontor is your partner. Since 2001. Imprint

Customer Comments

Understandable and realistic advice

By  Nermin

Thanks for the great advice! Mr. Albeck can explain the things intelligibly and realistically and is a great support for the real estate search!

Excellent work and execution of the purchase

By  Ed Hodgson


Many, many thanks for your excellent work and execution of the purchase today. It turned out to be an interesting experience, but it was a good idea.
It is a very nice place to have a good time.
With thanks,

Much time, good advice

Andrea Deischl

Mr. Ahlbeck has taken a lot of time for all my questions and helped me better on the way to a property. Thank you for the knowledge and the good info.
Thank you

Property search Property Search

By  R. Lüdi

As a successful headhunter and business consultant, I know what top service means. Albeck is one of the best. I trust him and can recommend him at any time without reservation. R. Lüdi

Great advice

By  Mark Zimmermann

Immediately, Mr. Albeck showed us properties that fit perfectly. Better than a real estate broker!

Great service

By  Günter Sauter, Heilbronn

A very good presentation of the offered objects and a reputable consulting team distinguished financial control.
Keep it up!!

Professional support at the highest level

By  Oliver Gorny, Herrsching a. Ammersee

Ser good service on-site, professional and individual advice with high flexibility and response speed. Overall, no wishes remain open.

Perfect handling ! Trustful cooperation !

By  Till Freihoff, Leverkusen

In a country where I know neither the legal system nor the language, I have always felt perfectly cared for. I can only advise anyone to take professional help. My experience with Mr. Albeck is 100% positive. If you do not believe this portal and would like to have a personal reference, Mr. Albeck can ask for my contact data. I say

Absolutely serious and reliable contact – 100% Recommendation

By Gerhard Hämmerle, Ehingen

When buying our property, we were always professionally supervised by Mr. Albeck – from the first visits to the emergency room –
competent advice coupled with absolute reliability and punctuality ….. so you want it.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Your finca: Informing you goes before studying – the first step is a phone call with our Property Scout.

Our property scout helps you in a first telephone call, your wishes and dreams with the reality in Mallorca.


Real estate financing with Spanish banks: Reasons for refinancing to German credit institutions

Spanish banks work exclusively with the Euribor variant. There is also the fixation on the IRPH, but this is absolutely untrustworthy and you should leave the fingers of such offers.
The advantage of Euribor mortgage lending is the short rate fixation: it is only advisable in the case of loan sums, which can be replaced quickly. The shorter the interest rate, the lower the interest rates and the lower the monthly rate.

Online mortgage financing. Save time and money with online mortgage financing.

Online mortgage financing. Save time and money with online mortgage financing.

„However, Spanish banks do not offer favorable interest rates for small loans under EUR 500,000 and, in addition to an expensive loan, you also take a considerable risk: because only a small portion of the loan is repaid at the end of the fixed interest period The costs can be drastically increased in the event of a rise in construction interest rates. “

The risk that interest rates will rise in the meantime and the follow-up financing will thus become more expensive is estimated to be very probable in the current interest rate environment.

Further reasons for a mortgage financing according to German standards are:

If it is already clear today that your financial resources will not be sufficient to repay your Spanish loan within a short period of time, a long interest rate bond is certainly the better alternative. And that is exactly the core competence of the German institutes. A short interest rate period – as is customary with the Spanish bank – is only worthwhile if the financing can be fully serviced in the selected period either by high repayment or by special repayment.

I would be happy to provide you with an individual simulation of what the different mortgages would cost you. With a simple inquiry you can contact me online. As a rule, I can calculate the interest rate advantage of the various variants in a telephone consultation or in an online mortgage consulting service.

Long interest rate fixing in real estate financing: The advantage of this is the low-interest calculation. Long-term mortgage loans are significantly less risky compared to the short-term variant. Particularly in the case of financing with low use of equity and low repayment rates, a long interest rate bond is an advantage. The additional price for the security bonus is manageable. For example, currently a loan of 150,000 euros over 20 years costs about 0.25 per cent more than a loan with 10-year interest fixing. Thus, real estate buyers not only benefit from the current favorable interest rates, the constant moderate rates give them maximum planning security for their Spain investment. Especially for tax reasons, a sale of the Spanish holiday property does not make sense any more before the end of the 10 years. And thus a premature replacement of credit is pointless. With the expiry of a long interest rate fixing, the chances are good to have a debt-free property. How the monthly rates of interest and repayment with different financing amounts and mortgage rates can turn out can be easily determined in an online financing consultation.

About with more than three hundred thousand visitors per year is the most famous German web portal for housing loans on the holiday island and probably also for the whole of Spain. Future homeowners will be provided with comprehensive information on the topic of mortgage financing and property purchase / construction in Spain. In its performance portfolio, the company compares the offers of more than 30 banks. Including Spanish banks, which are still market leaders, especially in the case of large financing sums of more than EUR 1 million. But also banks from Sweden, Luxembourg and Switzerland as well as from Germany. Clients who request their real estate financing via are supported by experts with many years of consultancy expertise and expertise. Further information can be found at http: //www.finanzkontor.

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